About me

Welcome to my page. I’am property advisor with 10 years of experience in the Łódź (Poland) property market. Before i enter housing market i was corporate java programmer responsible for delivering applications for clients in banking sector. I left that job and switch to real estae market. I started in 2009 as real estate agent in the company specialized in helping its customers with buying and selling tenement houses in Łódź (the city is famous for it’s vast tenement house market with beautifull old architecture). In 2009 i also started two postgraduate courses related to my new professional careed. This education track finished in 2011 with achieving property broker licence and property manager licence according to polish law at that time. In 2010 i make my first real estate investment. Soon after achieving my own licence i started my own property broker office which later i switch to property management office that offer services to condominiums in Łódź market.